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Seven Signs of a Great Realtor – Revised

Based upon input I’ve received about this post, I’ve modified my list of tips for finding a great Realtor to sell your home. (Aren’t blogs great? You can go back and fine-tune your messages based upon valuable contributions provided by readers! See comments below.) I’ve also expanded the list to include a few more I’d [...]

Attract Home Buyers Through Niche Blogging

If you’re reading this post, then you know there’s a blog for every audience. Which means niche blogging can be a terrific venue for targeting specific people — who just may be interested in buying your property. Let’s say you’re an avid gardener and you’ve created a blog about plants you love, including photos of [...]

Home Sellers Inspect Yourself!

Quick question: Who asks for a home inspection, the buyer or the seller? You may be thinking, “The buyer does, of course!” But in a tough market, home sellers can gain a big advantage by getting a pre-inspection first. I can hear you saying, “I’ve got enough headaches, without paying to find more of them! [...]