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A Short Story About Short Sales

Let’s say you did everything right: You bought a nice house after careful consideration and you had enough money to pay your monthly bills. But then one day you’re slammed with whopping medical bills or you have to relocate for work. Suddenly you need to sell your home – and unfortunately, it’s now worth less [...]

Do This One Thing To Help Sell Your House

Happy Thanksgiving week everybody! Hopefully you have a little time off from your usual schedule. This is a great time to find one thing you can do this week that’s completely different than your typical activities. One thing you haven’t done yet that just might help you reach your goal of home selling. You might [...]

Home Selling Tip: Get Another Set of Eyes

Do you have a friend who is completely comfortable telling you what he or she thinks? Someone honest, but nice, who can tell you the truth about anything that might turn off potential buyers? I know this isn’t the most pleasurable activity, but it’s important. Being that you live in your house, it’s more difficult [...]

Home Selling Tips for Attracting Fall and Winter Buyers

Now that the leaves are falling in droves and rain and snow are on the way, home sellers need to adjust their approach to maintaining curb appeal. Front yards can look pretty drab once the leaves drop and all the flowers are gone, so it’s important to create new ways to make the front of [...]