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Home Seller Tip: Sell Your Front Door

Every potential buyer who comes to see your home is going to spend a moment standing and staring at your front door before it’s unlocked. Most buyers will ask themselves two questions while waiting for that door to swing open: 1. Would I be happy walking through this door each day? 2. Will this entryway impress [...]

Home Sellers: Open Those Windows

With the weather getting chillier, our natural tendency is to shut those windows tight and keep in all that warm air. Unfortunately, by doing so, we’re also keeping in all the stale air and aromas that are uniquely our own. Yes, our scents may smell good to us, such as our colognes and simmering stews, [...]

Why I Still Love Home Ownership

Yahoo Finance just had another article about the joys of renting over home ownership. I’ve seen a lot of these lately, along with some rebuttals as to why owning is better. So I’m jumping in to add my own two cents because I’ve done both. To me, the difference between owning and renting is a [...]

Your Home Selling Price Is Not Your Personal Price

The funny thing about pricing a home is it’s easy to equate your home price with your price as a person. That’s one of the reasons many people don’t want to lower their price, even if it will help them sell their home more quickly. It might not be because they’ll be underwater with their [...]