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Home Selling Advice: Handling Difficult Neighbors

Now here’s a prickly problem many home sellers face: Let’s say you’ve done everything to make your home irresistible — the place looks great and the price is right. But let’s say there’s a kid next door who plays basketball for hours everyday. All you hear is bounce, bounce, bounce. So you get a little [...]

Home Selling Advice: Show Seasonal Photos

As you know, there may be a big difference between how your property looks in the spring and summer versus the fall and winter. Because most potential home buyers aren’t mind readers and master gardeners, it’s important to include photos of how your house looks during its most attractive months — instead of only seeing [...]

Home Sellers: 10 Ways to Lighten Up

Now that summer’s light is fading, it’s especially important to make sure your home glows with warmth and light. Not only should you lighten up for buyers — you should do it for yourself, to keep your own spirits bright. Here are 10 Ways to Lighten Up: First, the most obvious one: Keep your curtains [...]

While Waiting For Your House To Sell

“I really want to go there sometime.” How often do we hear ourselves say this? Whether it’s visiting a park, a store, a coffee house, a little museum or a club that plays jazz at night, this is the perfect time — while waiting for your house to sell — to check out the local [...]

Get a Giraffe’s View

When it comes to keeping your house clean for showings, there is something I discovered: A lot of what people see depends on their height. I found out about this when I had a close friend house sit while I was away and the house was up for sale. You see, my house sitter was [...]

Your Secret Number

I know, it’s tempting to start out with a higher asking price for your home, thinking that you’ll accept a lower price if someone makes you an offer… or that you can always reduce your asking price if it doesn’t pan out. But here’s one big reason why you shouldn’t start out high: You’ll immediately [...]

Stop Worrying, Start Sleeping

It’s a common pastime amongst home sellers – lying awake at night worrying… wondering… To make it worse, problems often seem more ferocious at night than they do during the day, which can set your heart racing and feet pacing. So here’s how to disrupt nighttime worry patterns so your sleep is more restorative: (And [...]

Save Your Sanity: Create A Hide-Away System

The phone rings. Someone wants to see your house at 4:00. It’s 3:30 now. You look around and see little messes everywhere. Your son’s homework project is spread out on the coffee table, a bunch of spotted bananas and half a loaf of French bread sit on the countertop, and your credit card bill and [...]

A Dating Service For Houses

I’m always impressed by how resourceful we can be when caught in a pinch. We often find unique solutions and invent new game rules to make it all work out. That’s what’s happening right now amongst home sellers stuck in an impasse. We can’t buy a house until we sell our current one, and neither [...]

Home Selling Tips: Name That House

Here’s a way to give your house a personality and instantly make it more memorable – give it a name. Home naming is an old custom that started when aristocrats began naming their manors and castles. The practice then spread to owners of smaller properties who enjoyed personalizing their homesteads. Today, people still name their [...]