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Home Selling Tips: Throw in a Triumph!

Now this just in from the U.K. Telegraph News: Home sellers are going to extraordinary lengths to sell their homes before summer ends. In fact, some are throwing in a beloved car to make their home stand out in a market afflicted with high inventory, few buyers and autumn closing in fast. Terry Jennings will [...]

Home Selling Tips: Don’t Quibble, Celebrate

After months of waiting and maybe lowering your price several times, the amazing day comes when you get an offer. It’s for a few thousand less than you really wanted. You say to yourself, “My price is already low, it’s the principle of the thing!” So you face a dilemma: You want to sell your [...]

Home Selling Tips: Your Garage

Think about your garage. You might not think of it as a very attractive room, but it can be an important selling point.  Especially if other home sellers aren’t paying attention to their garages, while yours stands out from all the competition. Instead of your garage being a dark, spider-webby place piled high with things [...]