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A Terribly Innocent Home Selling Mistake

Sometimes, all it takes for someone to reject your house is to see something crooked. A tilted address number, a slanting gate or fencepost, a wobbly chair on you front porch… even a slanted “For Sale” sign can speak volumes. You  may not have even noticed. In fact, it may have gone crooked an hour [...]

Waiting: Made Fun

Waiting for your house to sell doesn’t have to be a drag. There’s a lot you can do while you wait. For example, you can play Santa.          Give your old stuff away. Not only will it make your house look better and make moving easier, you get a little thrill each time you give something [...]

From Your Front Door

Quick, what’s the first thing a house hunter sees when entering your front door? If the answer isn’t a vision of loveliness, then selling your house is going to be harder. If a person sees a brightly lit vase of yellow daffodils on a polished wooden table, that’s a whole lot better than a pile [...]

The Physics of Forks

Trying to keep your house clean just in case of a showing is yet another home selling difficulty. Luckily, house cleaning follows the laws of physics. A place that’s messy tends to get messier, while a place that’s clean tends to stay that way longer. For example, take a sparkling clean kitchen countertop. If you [...]

How to Handle Surprise Showings

I know this sounds strange, but almost every home seller thinks about this: What happens if someone comes to see your house when you’re in the shower? You step out and suddenly – there you are, face to face – with one of you possibly naked. (Most likely, you.) This does happen. I know for [...]